Meet Your Caffeinated Advocate

A servant leader providing stories, strategies, and solutions for two decades

Hailing from a small town southeast of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, dubbed “the most boring town in Pennsylvania,” Catherine Hughes (that’s me!) is the daughter of two English professors. I am a passionate advocate, innovative storyteller, community strategist, and I am the Founder and Chief Inspirational Officer (CIO) of The Caffeinated Advocate, LLC, established in 2020.

For two decades, I have provided comprehensive support and passionate advocacy to individuals and self-advocates, their families, and surrounding natural supports throughout their communities. I consider myself a servant leader — one who cultivates, develops, and maintains relationships with grace and grit in order to create, enhance, and promote services and programs that transform lives.

On a personal level, my calling (not a career) allows me to give back some of what has so graciously been given to my family. Outside of my role at The Caffeinated Advocate, I proudly serve in a full time role as the Director of Family Support and Community Engagement at Achieving True Self, servicing families across the Northeastern U.S.

I am an international best-selling author and/or editor of multiple books, including the long-awaited Imprisoned No More: A Mother and Son Embrace Autism and Journey to Freedom.

I am a Certified Master Life Coach, with certifications endorsed by Transformation Academy of Clearwater, Florida.

I love partnering with other small businesses like mine! I collaborate with Grace & Hope Consulting, LLC serving both as a life coach for caregivers and as their editor-in-chief for hybrid publishing clients. Additionally, you’ll find me at Sunnie Vibes Studio Yoga & Wellness (in my hometown, you guys!), beginning in March 2022 offering workshops and life coaching services.

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Enough about me. How can I serve you?

Rooting for you, cheering you on, and supporting your journey,