This photo was taken in September 2019 at a press conference at the State Capitol in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania introducing a bill to advocate for the installation of powered, height-adjustable, adult-sized changing tables that will make restrooms in highly-populated public spaces more inclusive for people with disabilities. It is an honor to support Changing Spaces Pennsylvania in honor of many people who are dear to me, and also in memory of my father, John J. Tomko.

Are you looking for:

A guest speaker?
A keynote address?
An expert witness?
A breakout session?
A workshop?
A virtual event?

Not sure?

I have spoken in front of audiences far and wide, from less than 10 in a small room to a crowd of 15,000 in a park. I enjoy engaging with my audience to leave them feeling inspired, influenced, and impacted in powerful ways. I use the art of personal storytelling that often infuses scientific data and weaves in community resources, while also asking thought-provoking questions that spark creativity, probe curiosity, and cultivate important conversations.

As I shared in one of my recent bestsellers, Becoming an Exceptional Leader: Inspiration from 14 Accomplished Disability Changemakers, I was not always comfortable in front of a room. I was the voice-shaking, palms-sweating speaker who was afraid of her shadow. You know, one of those nervous Nellies (sorry if your name is Nellie!) who taps the mic, hears a loud and piercing squeal, realizes “OHMYGAWD, THIS IS ON!” and wants to crouch behind the podium?

That WAS me. Not anymore! I moved “From Fearful to Fearless.” Today, I own my stories with unquestionable confidence and captivate my audiences through genuine authenticity and raw vulnerability.

Here’s a sample list of speeches, presentations or trainings I have delivered over the span of a career of two decades:

Accommodations vs. Modifications
Autism – What Bus Drivers Need to Know
Autism 101
Being a Friend to Someone with Autism
Building Blocks for Challenging Behaviors
Bullying: What Does It Mean to Me?
Changing School Climates: Reducing Bullying Behaviors In Today’s Schools
Co-Teaching: Creating a Classroom that Promotes Success for All Students
Creating Welcoming and Inclusive Classrooms
Creating Successful Outcomes for Adults on the Autism Spectrum
Demonstrating the Need for Teaching Self-Care and Healthy Relationships to Prevent Victimization
Disablist Bullying – Awareness and Prevention
Emotional Intelligence and Empathy
Empowering Students Through Social Skill Development
Empowering Individuals and Families Through Transition
Ensuring Successful Outcomes through Applied Behavior Analysis
Imprisoned No More – A Mother’s Story
Overview of Alternative and Complementary Interventions
Overview of Early Intervention for ASD
Passing the Torch — Transferring the Advocacy Role
Quick Tips for Educators: Strategies to Enhance Positive Behaviors
Self-Advocacy 101
Supporting Children with Childhood Behavioral Health Disorders
Supporting Families and Siblings
The Second Time Around: Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
Understanding ASD: An Overview of Clinical Presentation, Treatment Modalities, and Autism’s Impact on Minority Populations
Understanding the Challenges of At-Risk Families in Pennsylvania
Why Teach Social Skills?

I have spoken for:

Global Events
Press Conferences
School Assemblies
School District In-Service Days
Support Groups
Virtual Conferences
Women’s Events

To summarize, topics I have covered in my speaking engagements are:

Applied Behavior Analysis
Autism Spectrum Disorders
Behavioral Health Diagnoses
Disability Awareness
Eating Disorders
Mental Wellness
Single Parenting
Sexual Assault
Women’s Empowerment

Much of my subject matter comes from deep within, drawing purpose from what often began as pain. All of this being shared, I ask you . . .

What do you need from me?

Let’s talk.

Reach out to me, and let’s schedule a time to connect and discuss your needs, your budget, and your vision.

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