“Without a coach, people will never reach their maximum capabilities.”
Bob Nardelli, CEO of Home Depot

I’m so excited to offer individualized services as a Certified Master Life Coach. My certifications from Transformation Academy include niches such as Happiness, Goal Success, Life Purpose, and Professional. I have searched my heart and my soul to determine where I fit in the world of coaching. It was not difficult to determine where my passion lies, where my calling has taken me thus far, and what population needs me the most. If you are a caregiver of any kind, don’t go A-N-Y-W-H-E-R-E!

Oh good, you’re still with me. Allow me to dig a little deeper.

Are you:

✔ Caring for an aging loved one?

✔ Raising children?

✔ Supporting someone with a chronic illness or lifelong disability?

✔ Mentoring others?

✔ Educating students?

✔ Coaching clients

If you answered yes (or “YAAAAAAS” perhaps) to one or more, you, my friend (can we be friends, now, since you’re still here?) are a CAREGIVER! There are far more of us than most people realize. Yes, even COACHES need coaches. Why, I’ve had a few myself, and still do!

Everyone needs help sometimes.

And truly, I want to help YOU.

Let’s work together, you and me.

I have been teamed up with Grace & Hope Consulting offering my services as part of their Life Coaching for Caregivers program, and I am offering life coaching services at Sunnie Vibes Studio Yoga & Wellness beginning in March 2022.

As stated so beautifully by Grace & Hope Consulting’s founder — and my dear friend — Chou Hallegra, “When we turn our stumbling blocks into stepping stones, we find joy on the journey.”

My friends, I want you to find and embrace joy on your journey.
I want you to practice self-care each and every day.
I want you to rise up and meet your goals.
I want to show you how important it is to achieve balance.
I want you to pour from a full cup, one that is overflowing with abundance.
I want you to LOVE YOURSELF.

I have struggled with all of this and more — can’t say that I still don’t at times. I’m human, after all.

Are you ready? My hand is waiting to take yours.


“Catherine and Chou genuinely care about you. They listen and ask questions. They treat you with respect. For me they have become an extended family. I highly recommend these ladies if you are struggling, frustrated or just need someone to talk to.” — Mary

“Genuine support is something hard to find. It is something we all long for and need and I was especially needing support during this time in my life and I was so blessed to receive it from these ladies. They empowered me to find myself again, to be accountable for my own goals and desires. The days the tears rolled down my face, they listened and were supportive of my situation. It is an honor to call them my friends, my blessings, my family. I love them for who they are and what they bring into my life.” — Lisa

Contact me today to learn more about my coaching services and to discuss pricing. I am available for both group and individual sessions.

Oh, and the hugs? Free of charge, always.

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