Experiencing and Embracing Holland

“When your child received their diagnosis, were you ever handed the Welcome to Holland poem as rite of passage and token of introduction to this new and strange place filled with jargon, acronyms and medical appointments?

Did you find yourself in the land of worry, grief and unknown?

So did we, and then we realized that this new place can be pretty cool, and it’s filled with lots of amazing people. So in an effort to share the stories of families doing creative things as a result of their child’s diagnosis, our podcast was born!

Join us as we embark on this new leg of our journey to share with you how we, and a bunch of really inspiring people, are Embracing Holland!”

This is the exciting introduction to Embracing Holland, a new podcast that you can listen to on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other places where you can catch your favorite hosts! Join Angie Auldridge and Megan Barrett, two powerhouse mama bears and unstoppable advocates who bravely share their stories, their energy and conversations with other amazing individuals and disability changemakers.

I am truly honored to have been asked to be their first guest to share excerpts of my journey and answer some insightful questions (and maybe a silly one at the end). Thank you ladies for reminding your audience, and our world, just how beautiful Holland can be. I’m grateful for your contributions to our community.

Give it a listen!

Author: Catherine Hughes

Passionate Advocate. Innovative Storyteller. Engaging Strategist. Author. Editor. Blogger.

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