I’m Keeping It Moving!

Soooooo, I thought this is as good an excuse as any to put up another post … because, WHY NOT?! 
Short, sweet, and to the point.

Everyone’s favorite (I think?!) Caffeinated Advocate (ummmmm, MEEEE!) is going to be “Keeping it Moving” by chatting with Maryland autism supermom and podcaster April Green and her hubby Vondell tomorrow night on “Keeping It Moving with April and Vondell!” 

Their podcast was created to help people navigate life’s struggles with faith, joy and purpose, especially those impacted by autism and #mentalhealth conditions. They feature guests as well as some fun segments during the show. I’ll be sharing personal experiences, perspectives, and advice.
Anyone who wants to listen in can call 1-515-604-9292 or via livestream at the link below at 8PM EST tomorrow night, 1/31/19:
Want me to be a guest on YOUR podcast? 
Contact me via any of my social media platforms, or shoot me a DM!

Abundant love … and WARMTH … to you all on this polar vortex evening in the ‘Burgh!

Author: Catherine Hughes

Passionate Advocate. Innovative Storyteller. Engaging Strategist. Author. Editor. Blogger.

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